Judo (柔道 or ‘the supple way’) is a martial art and a combat sport of Japanese origin (budo) founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882. It mainly consists of throwing techniques, ground control (pins), chokes and arm locks. The place where one practices judo is called the dōjō or dojo (‘place of study of the way’). The practitioners (the judoka) wear a reinforced cotton outfit called judogi, often wrongly called kimono, which is the generic name of a traditional Japanese outfit. The judogi is generally white, but to facilitate the distinction between two judokas in the competitions, a judoka can wear a blue judogi. If the judoka does not have a blue judogi, he or she will sport a red or white belt to help distinguish the opponents. Judo is practiced barefoot on a tatami mat and is an Olympic sport.