Taekwon-Do Chikara

The taekwon-do taught at Chikara Chelsea is the martial art version of the sport. As such, taekwon-do taught at Chikara Chelsea is much closer to Shotokan karate from which it originates and kickboxing. In addition, Western boxing techniques are essential components of Chikara Chelsea’s teachings and are applied in both sparring and self-defence contexts.

Our Taekwon-do program focuses primarily, in order of importance, on the correct application of techniques to successfully execute sparring (for both the combat sport and martial versions), self-defence and finally board breaking. Sparring is mandatory at all belt levels. Board breaking is taught as a complement to convey the base principles of taekwon-do. Board breaking is mandatory for belt grading. Patterns (forms, tuls, katas) are not taught at Chikara Chelsea. Patterns have been replaced by techniques more relevant to both sparring types (i.e., sport and martial versions) and self-defence (e.g., break-falls, throws, ground fighting (pins, chokes, locks and ground & pound), Thai boxing, wrestling and weapons training).

Finally, self-defence taught as part of the Chikara Chelsea taekwon-do program draws techniques from both judo and Can-Ryu jiu-jitsu.