Judo Chikara

Chikara is characterized by its practice of technicalopen and inclusive judo:

  • Technical: The mastery of a wide range of techniques is carried out by repetition and adaptation to various judoka body types. Since Chikara does not focus solely on competition, a wide variety of techniques are taught in our classes. In addition to the various techniques, sparring (randoris) and self-defence techniques complement our classes;
  • Open: Since Chikara focuses on technical mastery, Chikara Chelsea is open to techniques from elsewhere, i.e., from other judo dojos through visitors from other schools, or in connection with other related martial arts, such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, traditional jiu-jitsu or aikido, or even contact sports such as karate, boxing or taekwon-do;
  • Inclusive: Chikara has always been an inclusive judo club; as such, competitors and non-competitors are all welcome. The camaraderie and the friendship are at the base of the practice of judo within Chikara. For example, Chikara closed for several years, but Chikara judokas have never lost sight of each other and have always worked actively for its reopening.