Intervention and Costs

A traditional shiatsu intervention is targeted, that is, applied to one or more points on a meridian corresponding to the patient’s ailment.

IMPORTANT: Traditional shiatsu is not a full-body relaxation massage, but rather a therapeutic massage aimed at attenuating the patient’s ailment.

Traditionally, shiatsu is practised on a futon (a sort of Japanese mattress), but it can also be performed on a massage table or ergonomic chair. Our massage therapists practise it directly on tatami mats with the addition of mattresses to, on the one hand, emulate a Japanese futon and, on the other hand, ensure that the exerted pressures are targeted and maximal. However, our therapists will accommodate patients who wish to lie on a massage table.

Our massage therapists are members in good standing of the Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec. We always issue receipts for insurance purposes.

Our fees are as follows:

  • Targeted intervention session (10 to 15 minutes): $ 30 (taxes included). The initial meeting to assess patient needs is free of charge.
  • 30-minutes massage session (i.e., targeted intervention and deep relaxation around the targeted area): $ 60 (taxes included).