Chikara Chelsea’s objective is to disseminate martial arts instruction without compromising on quality. Chikara Chelsea’s mission is to teach proven techniques in sparring as well as in self-defence. As such, the techniques taught are subjected to pressure tests to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose.

Chikara Chelsea consists of various independent martial arts clubs (judo, taekwon-do, Can-Ryu jiu-jitsu and Fitness), with their own independent boards to manage club terms of reference. To better support the various Chikara Chelsea clubs, Chikara Chelsea benefits from the support of the École d’arts martiaux et d’autodéfense Chikara de Chelsea Inc., a federally incorporated non-for-profit organization, who provides financial support to the Chikara Chelsea clubs. Of interest, Chikara Chelsea technical directors and instructors learned their various martial arts skills from community-based non-profit organizations in Gatineau (namely from the City of Gatineau’s judo and taekwon-do clubs).

Furthermore, as an integral part of the Chelsea community, the Chikara Chelsea teaches and corresponds in both French and English.

Finally, for offensive martial arts such as judo and taekwon-do, sparring is compulsory at all levels. Moreover, in keeping with Chikara Chelsea’s objective of disseminating martial arts instruction without compromising on quality, belt grading is never a given, but must always be earned.